Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Day 300 - A Day off from Clothes ...Almost

I went out today, to lunch with my Mum and brother to Bents Garden Centre in Manchester.  So I took a day off from the sorting, it's going much slower than I thought it would, interrupted as it is by the normal nitty gritty of daily life.

I thought I would photograph what I got out to wear as inspiration to myself to keep at it when I return.

As I got out my watch and a necklace to put on I had a good look through my jewellery, and decided because I have so little of it I will count it as ONE item in my P333.

I hope those of you that take the time to read these posts aren't totally bored with me rabbiting about clothes, but I need a break from rabbiting about food and this week is doing me the world of good  :-)

Today is a No Spend Day

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Day 299 - Still at It - Clothes - Project 333

I didn't get as far as I would have liked yesterday.  I kept attacking the wardrobe, the drawers and their contents in between normal jobs, things like dog walks, hanging washing on the line and drinking numerous cups of coffee and reading The Vivienne Files for inspiration ... far too much inspiration was collated  ;-)

The wardrobe and drawers were given a thorough cleaning out ....

... which resulted in SEVEN more pairs of shoes being discovered on the floor at the back of the wardrobe.  So that's where the Summer shoes that I had forgotten I had were!!

So I'm continuing on my mission today .... well maybe one more coffee and a bit of a read first  ;-)

Today is a No Spend Day
... being busy sorting leaves no time for spending ... phew  :-)

Monday, 24 October 2016

Day 298 - Sorting Out - Clothes

So many people have too many clothes, but I think, at last, lots of us are waking up to the fact that we really don't need throwaway fashion.  I have never really subscribed to buying lots of clothes just because they were cheap and, shock horror ... have only ever been in a Primark store once in my lifetime.  I came out with two t shirts that virtually vanished after the first wash so thin was the fabric ... I never went back.

My wardrobe is usually kept neat and tidy and I can pretty much tell you where everything is that I own.  But some things are in boxes, out of season that's not a problem but when I need anything out of the boxes I have to stand on the bed and reach over for the top ones.  I need to slightly re-organise and I'm using this round of Project 333 to have a final sort out and clear out, and put the things I will need for the next three months either in my three drawers of the chest or hanging neatly on my half of the wardrobe, with one box being used if I need it.

My little shoe cupboard is also kept neatly .... but does one person need 20 pairs of shoes?

Off to do my final sort out - NOW.  I'll be back with the photos tomorrow  :-)

Today is a No Spend Day

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Day 297 - Veggie and Non Veggie

I've been asked a few times in the past about how I cope cooking a non-meat meal for myself and a meat one for Lovely Hubby.  Usually we eat almost the same with Lovely Hubby's plate just having a slice of a dead thing a piece of meat on it and my plate having the rest of the meal with sometimes an added veggie sausage or slice of quiche.

Sometimes we eat the same meal but with different main components, such as last nights quick tea of burgers on buns.  A sliced red onion was divided between the two 'halves' of my baking tin and it was simply popped into the oven and cooked like this.

I could have used two different trays but doing it this way makes it easier.  The foil was recycled from the previous evenings tea when it had been used to cover a baked biryani on a larger ovenproof dish, so it was plenty big enough for me to fashion my usual divider.

Served two burgers to one bread roll, and with some salad from the polytunnel it made for a tasty and very quick tea before dashing out to the cinema to see the early evening showing of 'Inferno' with Tom Hanks.  Not a bad film but with one twist too many I thought.  Lovely hubby gave it a 7.5/10 and I gave it a 6.5 /10.

Today is a No Spend Day

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Days 295/296 - Borrowing Books

I missed posting yesterday as we were here, there and everywhere ... all day.

One of the places we called to was the local library, as although we have now lived here in North Wales for three years we had yet to join.  I asked one of the librarians if it was a well supported branch and she smiled and assured me it was, the other librarian came over to join in the conversation and we chatted about the threat of closure to some libraries in the UK, they were very happy that their usage and joining figures were exceptionally high so we should get to keep this lovely little branch for a long time ...phew!!

Of course although we said we would just have a little look around to familiarise ourselves with things there I did find some books that I just had to borrow, and Lovely Hubby picked up a 'Learn Welsh'  book and cd set to keep his evenings in his digs productive,

So now we both have library cards tucked in our wallets and the safe knowledge that reading matter will always be available to us ... no matter how strapped for cash we might be in the future.

Today is a No Spend Day

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Day 294 - Things With Numbers

I've always been fascinated with 'things with numbers', set amounts, limits .... as you might have guessed from my various blogs and Challenges over the past few years. 

People that declutter to the point of only living with 100 possessions,  (see here), people that whittle that away to less and something that caught my attention a few years ago ... Project 333.   I'm just about to set to and put this into action properly again.  I've been doing it on and off for the last four years, but it seemed to slide last year because of Marie Kondo ...

...and her magic art of tidying.

After following Marie's instructions (and really enjoying the process), suddenly all my clothes and accessories fitted neatly into my half of the wardrobe and drawers instead of me sorting out seasonally and boxing somethings up, so they all stayed out.  But now I've decided to choose thirty three items of clothing to use for the final part of this year of living without new clothes ... it just makes sense. 

So I have decided to make the new clothes that I flipped out and bought last week the cornerstone of my Autumn Winter P333 collection, and so once I get off the computer I will be emptying out the wardrobe and drawers and picking my thirty three items.  It will be a bit easier now that the weather has settled down to proper Autumn chilly weather and no sudden freakishly hot days to upset the applecart.

This is a collage of the clothes I wore on the January 2014 round.

(To read more about my Project 333 adventures see HERE.)

I doubt I could ever manage living with just 100 items in total .... but I would love to try :-)

Today is a No Spend Day

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Day 293 - Like Buses

Money Spent Today - £6.40
Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent - 0
Money Spent in Total - £328.71- All the Budget Now Gone
Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent in Total - £300.75
Money left in Housekeeping Fund - 0
In the Red by -  £6.84p

My shopping days it would seem are like buses, none for ages then a few come along all at once.  This time I dropped into Tesco for a tub of ice-cream, Lovey Hubby likes it with his crumble, I like it too but I try not to succumb to temptation, I like breathing through my nose to much and anything with milk in it blocks my sinuses for twenty four hours  :-(

Everything else (apart from the Vienetta) was a yellow stickered bargain.  Not totally bargain-alicious but enough to tempt me into spending.  Seemingly I hit the store at just the right time, all the fridge section and half an aisle of ambient had been yellow stickered in a mass sort out of stock.  The reasons for the ambient reductions were on the shelf edge labels and varied from short dates, last of stock, change of packaging etc ... it made for interesting reading, but as you can see they only tempted me with the half price rice cakes.

The Vienetta is all gone .... somethings are just too tempting ...and breathing through your nose is vastly over-rated  ;-)

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Day 292 - The Eleven Pence Shop

Money Spent Today - 11p
Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent - £9
Money Spent in Total - £328.71- All the Budget Now Gone
Vouchers/Coupons/Points Spent in Total - £300.75
Money left in Housekeeping Fund - 0
In the Red by - 44p

We needed white pepper and salted peanuts, you wouldn't think the word 'needed' and salted peanuts were so inter-twined would you, but such is Lovely Hubby's fetish for his salted peanuts after a long sweaty day working outside, it really is a need rather than a want.  So off I go when needs must to replenish his little jar and keep my man happy.

The bread rolls were for lunch that day and the bread was thrown in the freezer.  I always see bread in one form or another as an ideal way to bring the shopping spend as close to the voucher amount as I possibly can, and in this instance my maths worked out pretty well.

The cakes were a treat, I need to set to and make some of these myself, I used to but have gotten out of the habit, maybe Winter is a good time to get back to baking some sweet treats occasionally.  As for the broccoli ... well as much as Lovely Hubby needs his salted peanuts I seem to have developed a need for a delicious biryani that contains half a head of broccoli .... guess what's for tea tonight then  ;-)

The unusual looking thing in the plastic bag is actually just a sweet potato :-)

Monday, 17 October 2016

Days 290/291 - Making Things Last

It's that time of year when I put my Summer shoes through the wash ready for only very occasional wear in the Autumn and Winter.  I don't like wet feet so unless it's a guaranteed dry day these don't see much daylight at this time of year.

I usually hold my breathe slightly when I come to open the door of the washing machine, to see if my shoes are still in one piece, but up to now I have always been able to take them out of the machine in one piece.  I was pleased the red ones survived as they had been bought quite cheaply in the Sainsbury's sale at the end of last Summer and hadn't been washed before.

The green ones were bought in 2013 from the Hotter shop and had been in use all though that Summer, all through the Summer of 2014 ....

and all through the good weather of 2015.

So after wearing them on and off throughout this year this was their fourth washing machine adventure ... and still they have come out looking fresh and ready for next Summer.

I can't remember how much they cost, a little bit more than I usually pay for canvas sneakers, but whatever it was they have been worth every penny.

Today is a No Spend Day
... as was yesterday when I didn't have time to post!!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Day 289 - Clothes ... Fail

What is it with me ... first I went into the red on the housekeeping part of the Challenge the other day, and then yesterday I got so frustrated with my clothes that while I was out I went and bought £100 worth of new tops from M&S, well it would have been almost £100 if ....

... this T shirt that was labelled as £22.50 hadn't come up on the till when the assistant scanned it ... at just £1.99. 

There things are not so bad after all  :-)

Proof of my bargain of the day.

But it's still a fail on the Challenge in the clothes department now.  Still I guess having my first clothes purchases of the year in the second week of October is not too bad.

Today is a No Spend Day
... this little tag applies to the housekeeping ... not clothes .... phew!!